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Where Eagles Learn to Fly

Upcoming at AES

August 18 – School Open House

1:00pm – 2:30pm


August 19 – First Day of School


August 28 – Parent Orientation/Convocation

6:15pm ELP Parents 7:00pm PK3 – 5th...


Location and Contact Information

Parent and Alumni Comments

Cathy Hollowell

“Do not be worried about small classes. They boost confidence, give children the individual care and love they need. They get great support, they are well known by every staff member. Donnie went to a huge middle school in Katy after being in a class of 7. He was not afraid, he knew how to handle problems, he was socially strong and academically sound. He had even cut up a piggy…which he did not do again until 8th grade ! He had read lessons from the pulpit, organized sports events…he was ready for big time because small made him feel big.”

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